Snow Storm Medium Resin Pot

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Hand-crafted for The Single Fin Collective, this unique pot was made by local surfboard shaper Jaxon. The pot was created using waste surfboard resin left over from Jaxon's surfboard shaping and glassing process. As well as seeking more sustainable manufacturing techniques, Jaxon has always been keen to minimise the amount of wasteful by-products in the shaping process. These resin pots are the result of his efforts.

A number of the pots on our site were hand-poured and created by Single Fin Collective member Chez during a visit to Jaxon's workshop.

The pots can be used for multiple purposes such as plant pots or to hold items like pens, pencils, toothbrushes and makeup sundries. However, they should not be used as candle holders, except for battery powered tea lights (i.e. those with no naked flame).

The plant is for illustrative purposes only and is not included with this product. Colours may appear slightly differently on screen compared to actual pot colour.

Resin Pot Size Guide

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Our resin pots are hand-poured into silicon moulds and then hand-sanded to finish. As a result they are all unique in texture, colour and size. The size guides below are approximate and may vary by a couple of millimetres between each pot:

Medium - 8 cm tall x 8 cm wide. Space for plant is 6.2 cm wide.

Large - 9.5 cm tall x 10 cm wide. Space for plant is 8.7 cm wide.

Resin Pot Care

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These resin plant pots are made from waste surfboard resin, if you've ever dinged your surfboard you'll know how easy and frustrating this is to do! Avoid knocking your pot against any hard edges and it should stay beautiful for many years to come.

Due to the nature of surfboard resin and the chemicals involved in the process, these pots should not be used as candle holders or with naked flames. However, battery powered tea lights provide a great alternative if you want to add a little light to show off the colours at night.


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